Friday, November 03, 2006

Vendors Respond to Public Concern about Vending

The issue of health and nutrition is an issue that won’t go away any time soon. Vending operators read about it everyday, mostly as it relates to schools.

Trade organizations are spending their members’ money to make the media and government officials aware that the vending industry didn’t create the obesity crisis and are trying to be part of the solution. Antares vending operators for the most part support these efforts, which they view as a price they must pay for being in a business that is involved with public health.

The bottom line, however, is that the obesity and nutrition debate has very little to do with daily business reality for the average operator. Any Antares Corp. operator will be more than happy to provide customers products with higher nutritional content if the customers want it. This can be done through their purchasing habits, which for the most part isn’t happening.

Government and industry drive change

A less visible movement has emerged in the private sector: employee wellness. Medical costs are forcing employers to consider multi-faceted wellness programs to ensure healthier employees and lower health insurance premiums.

Obesity interest continues

The media isn’t going to let up on the obesity issue, because it is a problem that is affecting all parts of society. Time has shown that issues in the public spotlight tend to take on lives of their own; media attention feeds itself until the public genuinely loses interest.

Most Antares vending operators have been satisfied to let their national trade association carry the weight of the burden. But many are also learning that the issue affects them directly.

Vendors have new education tools

There is a campaign that was introduced last year, which provides tools to help operators address the media at the local level, and help them participate in legislative initiatives at both local and state levels.

Another tool is the support of a group of dieticians who are available to help Antares operators work with legislators and other public officials on the industry’s behalf.

The real bottom line for most operators is that they cannot expect to put the health and nutrition issue on the back burner, lest they get burned.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brand Development Process in Vending

First impressions are everything. How your vending company by Antares Corporation is perceived in the market place is critical to your long term success. Separating yourself from your competition by utilizing a professional website, a creative brochure and other eye catching marketing elements are significant in winning new business.

Corporate identity: This is your entire visual identity or what your brand looks like from its logo, business cards, letterhead and other signage.

Brochure: Your Antares vending company is unique and special. Communicating with prospective clients through a creative brochure is very important when it comes to the selling process. A professional brochure establishes immediate credibility.

Website: Your website is your online sales pitch for the vending prospects searching the Web. Everyone uses the net today. When your prospects are looking for a new service provider, they will look it up on the net, not in the phone book. Your website has to stand out from the crowd in two unique ways. Firstly, it needs to look sophisticated and professional. Secondly, your website needs to appear on the first page of the “free” search results on popular search engines.

Truck signage: You should take full advantage of the free advertising and branding opportunities on your fleet. This is cost effective marketing for your Antares business.

Machine fronts: If your vending equipment is several years old, you can easily give your vending machines a “facelift” with durable Tuffronts. These pre-cut plastic panels replace the existing exterior panels on your vending machines. A creative design will bring new life to the machine and promote your brand in client locations.

Uniforms: Your employees are an extension of your brand as they represent your Antares vending company when delivering new products to client locations. Your employees should be “dressed for success” and should also proudly display your brand on their uniforms.