Monday, November 22, 2010

Common Planet Antares Complaints

Planet Antares Inc known for One Million Dollar Penalty by FTC has again resorted to suspicious means.

The company engaged in manufacturing and selling vending machines through various vending seminars and promotional events. Recently we ran across various users to find out performance of Planet Antares vending machines.

  • Coin Jam – Most of the vending operators worry about coin jams that that take place in vending machines. Coin jams not only stops machine functioning but operators also have to incur huge money to get it repaired.
  • Frequent failure – Planet Antares vending operators also worry about frequent vending machine failures.
  • Space – Planet Antares vending machines have not been upgraded to cater to new demands of people. They are stll using the standard models prevalent five years back.
  • A lot of people worry about Planet Antares Inc’s business model as there are no genuine and verifiable testimonials for the same.
  • As against promotional events commitment, support staff does not respond on time.
    Many vending operators have lost their business contracts from good locations due to poor vending machine performances.

With recent findings, Planet Antares vending machines are not being favored by location owners. It came out to people that company is engaged in capturing web space with fake positive comments. For that they have hired a secialist company. Planet Antares has floated numerous websites targeting PLANET ANTARES SCAM on search engines. So that whenever someone searches for Planet Antares on the internet, he is shown only positive reviews.

Here are some genuine websites providing information about Planet Antares Inc.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Factors To Be Considered While Starting Planet Antares Vending Business

Proper planning, thorough market research and analysis of available opportunities are imperative for business success in any business venture you take up. With increase in demand for vending machines and number of vending users, competition in this industry is on the rise. In this situation, every operator has to remember few things to become successful.
  • Competition and strategy: Tough competition exists in vending business. Hence choosing the right product can be quite challenging. Try to purchase machines that are cheap and at the same time very popular among customers. Planet Antares machines are specially designed to cater to specific segment of customers. Besides selection, positioning of vending machines is equally important. For instance if you are targeting children, you need to place your machine in locations that has maximum children footfall.
  • Nature of vending machine: There are various kinds of vending machines available in the market. Some of them run on electricity while others use mechanical power. Each of these machines has its own set of merits and demerits. The choice of them would however depend on the kind and number of products you would like to dispense.
  • Product: Make sure you take enough time before finalising on the product you would like to dispense. There are several products available in the market targeting various set of customers. You can choose a product depending on your target customers, financial limitations and competition in your location.
  • Location: Location influences the success or failure of your business to a great extent. Choosing the right location is vital for the success of your business. Make sure you place your machine in a place that has maximum customer traffic. However, the people who visit this place should include your target audience.
All these are the nothing but the factors that need to be considered by an operator before starting a vending business

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips That Help In Choice of Planet Antares Vending Location

We all know that location of vending machines greatly influences the success or failure of this business. Operator’s choice of location is influenced by several factors like his financial limitations, the kind of products he would be dispensing and off course target audience. However, there are two aspects which operator needs to bear in mind before finalising on a particular location. These aspects are visibility and accessibility. Both these determine the success of your business.

Operators are always in a dilemma when it comes to finalizing of a vending location. Few tips that can help you in identification of perfect location are mentioned below:

• Target audience and manpower are the two factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing a vending location. The kind of location you choose should not only be accessible to your customers but also to your employees.

• The number of customers or in other words customer foot traffic and its quality also needs to be borne in mind while finalising vending location.

• Security should also be considered. Security here is not just limited to the security of vending machines but also that of your customers and employees. Is the location easily accessible to customers? Is there ample parking space? Even these minute details have to be taken in to consideration while choosing vending location.

• Number of competitors existing and operating in the current location also needs to be considered by the operator. Try to target niche and untargeted market segments for installing your equipment. However, if you believe that business is profitable and you are looking to penetrate the existing market, then the best place to put your Planet Antares machine is close to your competitor.

• Operators need to have or update themselves with the other kinds of businesses being operated in that locality. This would help you in taking appropriate marketing or advertising strategies.

• It is mandatory that operator is well versed with the rules and regulations of the city or state in which he/she is operating. Usually rules vary from one state to another. Hence an operator needs to update himself on these before installing his machine.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Should You Take Up Planet Antares Vending Business

Starting a new vending business is definitely one of the most attractive business opportunities. Wondering why? Vending business generates good income, gives you freedom both financial and operational and is also a lot flexible. Although there are several self employment opportunities, nothing is as promising as vending.

For all those who are new to this industry and who are wondering what vending is all about? Vending is a simple business model that primarily deals with stocking and maintenance of machines installed in various locations. These machines are capable of dispensing whole range of products right from drinks, candies, snacks, ties, newspapers, tooth brush and almost everything you can ever imagine.

Wondering how to start your own business? Anyone in the look out for starting a vending business has got three options:

• Start from the scratch: You can establish a Planet Antares vending business on your own. Just purchase some new vending machines of renowned companies, stock them with right kind of products depending on the customer group you are targeting and finally install them in a perfect location. However operators need to be very cautious at every step and conduct a thorough market research before getting started.

• Take over existing vending machines: This is nothing but starting from a point where the previous operator has left. This is also a common practise. The main advantage of this is that every thing is set for you. You have some existing customer base and products that are already offered. Operator only needs to be careful while operating and try to expand this business further.

• Work for a vending machine franchise: This holds well when you are an employee of an existing franchise business. This experience would definitely help you launch your own business in the long run.

Any of these methods can be taken up while starting vending machine business on your own.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vending Benefits

Vending has always been preferred choice among operators and customers. This is a very simple business that can be taken up by almost anyone. Some of the unique features of this business are

• It does not require specific technical knowledge or skills

• It gives its operator complete flexibility several aspects.

• Operators are free from paper work.

• Operators need not make huge investments unlike other business ventures.

• Over head and maintenance costs are also very low.

• Operators have lot of freedom when it comes to choosing vending machines, products and even in terms of locating the machine.

• This is the only business model that can make you self sufficient thus gives you a lot of financial freedom.

• This is in fact the only business where you need not hire any sales staff.

• There are no area restrictions and time limitations for running this business. You can operate it round the clock.

• This business can be taken up either on full time or part time basis.

• Profit margins in this business are very high. Hence operators would be able to enjoy huge returns with minimum investment.

• Latest models like Glass front vending machines from Planet Antares, allow customers to view products which they are about to purchase.

• Instant and fast services: The main reason behind increasing use of vending machines is the convenience and instant services it offers. Modern customers are too busy to stand in long queues waiting for purchase or products and services.

• This is the only business where all transactions are done in pure cash. So operators need not worry about collection issues or fear bad debts.

• These machines can be placed in those areas where it is not possible to run a full time cafeteria.

• Quality: Even branded products can be vended using these machines. So quality is no more a concern.

• Vending is no more restricted to few limited products. Customers can purchase almost anything from these machines.

These benefits are drawing more and more customers towards this business.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Start Vending Business

Starting a vending business would be very simple as long as you adopt a step wise approach. Vending industry is not something new. In fact it has been in existence for quite sometime now and has proved itself over the past few years by withstanding the highs and lows of economic fluctuations.

In case you are a novice, a lot of questions related to starting a vending business may be haunting you. Below mentioned are few tips that can help you in your new venture:

  • The first and foremost step before starting any business is thorough/detailed market research. This provides you with information about present market condition, competitor’s strategies, customer needs and latest technology available.
  • Now that you have decided to take up vending business, chose a product that you would like to dispense. There are several products available in the market and selection of product would depend on target customers. For instance: if you are targeting kids, then you can vend gum balls, candy, ice creams, chocolates and plastic toys.
  • After finalising the product you would like to sell, choose the right kind of machine. Various models of vending machines are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Choose the one that meets your business and financial requirements. Planet Antares machines have been around for decades and have already won the trust of customers which make them an obvious choice.
  • Decide where you would like to place your machines for maximizing your profits. Machines should be placed in such a way that they are easily accessible and clearly visible to customers.
  • In case you are unable to select a machine on your own, you can take the help of a placement companies. These not only help you in choosing vending location but also take you through process and also assist you in times of emergency.
  • Know your financial and physical limitations before setting up machines. Start on a small scale and expand gradually. This is an ideal way of doing business. Do not take up more than what you can handle. This can leave you stressed out and also you cannot provide justification to the work you have taken up.
These can help you in starting your business and also running it successfully.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Is There a Huge Demand for Vending Business?

The reason behind any person starting a vending business is to make huge profits. Some start this business to make additional income while others start with a view of making this their only source of income. Whatever be the reason that drives them to take up this business, there are several benefits of starting a vending business. Some of them are mentioned below:

• Instant cash flow: In fact, this is one of the very few businesses that generate revenue right form the moment you place your machine.

• Cash business: This is an all cash business which means that there is no scope for bad debts and collection issues.

• Flexible Timings: Another amazing benefit is that regardless of what you do during the day, your machine works for you 24/7. As your machine takes care of sales, you need not worry about their supervision, training or motivation.

• Return on investment: The main purpose of any investment is to make money. This business provides you with high profit margins and greater return on investment. What else would you look for as an investor?

• Perfect business Model: No one to boss over, No set working hours, No employees, No paper work and No territory limitations. All these features make vending most preferred business opportunities.

• Part time or full time: This business gives you the unique advantage of continuing with your main occupation and take up vending as a part time activity.

• No sales force: Your machines are your sales force hence you do not require additional sales personal to be appointed.

Besides being of great use to its operators, vending machines are also beneficial for its users. The first and most important benefit it gives to its customers is convenience and instant services. What else would a customer engrossed in hectic lifestyle look for?

For more information on vending business , contact Planet Antares staff and get to know all you want to about starting a vending business.

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