Monday, November 22, 2010

Common Planet Antares Complaints

Planet Antares Inc known for One Million Dollar Penalty by FTC has again resorted to suspicious means.

The company engaged in manufacturing and selling vending machines through various vending seminars and promotional events. Recently we ran across various users to find out performance of Planet Antares vending machines.

  • Coin Jam – Most of the vending operators worry about coin jams that that take place in vending machines. Coin jams not only stops machine functioning but operators also have to incur huge money to get it repaired.
  • Frequent failure – Planet Antares vending operators also worry about frequent vending machine failures.
  • Space – Planet Antares vending machines have not been upgraded to cater to new demands of people. They are stll using the standard models prevalent five years back.
  • A lot of people worry about Planet Antares Inc’s business model as there are no genuine and verifiable testimonials for the same.
  • As against promotional events commitment, support staff does not respond on time.
    Many vending operators have lost their business contracts from good locations due to poor vending machine performances.

With recent findings, Planet Antares vending machines are not being favored by location owners. It came out to people that company is engaged in capturing web space with fake positive comments. For that they have hired a secialist company. Planet Antares has floated numerous websites targeting PLANET ANTARES SCAM on search engines. So that whenever someone searches for Planet Antares on the internet, he is shown only positive reviews.

Here are some genuine websites providing information about Planet Antares Inc.

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