Thursday, November 22, 2007

How To Fill Vending Machines.

When you decide to become a vending machine operator, you must ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities and duties. After all, investing your hard earned money in vending business and not getting adequate returns due to your own ignorance is not justified. This means that you have to carefully select, purchase, locate and maintain your vending machines to get value for your money.

One of the most basic features of vending machine servicing is that of filling or stocking it. It is essential to store the products properly to make sure that there are no problems while dispensing them. This includes checking the products before and after they are shipped. Many times, vending operators skip this part and this leads to filling of vending machines with damaged or rotten items.

Its best to buy high grade, branded products from reputed companies like Planet Antares Inc. Once you have ensured that the products are good quality and fresh, your vending machines are ready to be stocked. However, you must first estimate the number of items that can be placed in different slots of a vending machine. Customers may get irritated if they order their favorite drink or snack and something else is dispensed.

Also, keep in mind that refilling of vending machines will be required at regualr intervals. Plan your time schedule for visiting the vending route accordingly. Don’t forget to indicate the number of items placed in the vending machine and check it for efficiency in operations after that. Along with refilling, a vending machine may require cleaning and repair of any broken parts. Verify that the coin acceptor is not sticky or jammed. This can create problems when the customers try to get the ordered products from the vending machine.

While servicing the vending machine, check that the lights are in proper working order. These may indicate sold out and currency change limits that will not be displyed if the same are not working.

Not just the quantity but also the timng of filling the vending machine makes a difference. You must place a sign regarding the last item filled in the vending machine on it. This way, customers will know which items are fresh and hot in case of snacks and cold in case of beverages. If your vending machine is placed in a business office, make sure that it is filled and ready to dispense products at least an hour before the employee working hours begin.

From time to time, you may keep introducing new products that are in demand at the moment. This doesn’t mean that you should stop filling conventional bestsellers in your vending machines. A combination of both will be most effective for your vending business sales.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tips For Collecting Cash From Vending Machines

The major attraction of the vending business is its power to generate all-cash income. Your vending machines can start making money from the moment these are placed in good locations. The customers will just have to insert coins or notes in the machine and the required products will be dispensed.

Each time you service your accounts, there will cash collected and deposited in the bank. If your vending machines are located in apt places and easily accessible by customers, you will have enough income to collect each time you visit your vending route.

Usually, vending machine operators have a regular job besides this business. So, cash collection can be done on weekly or monthly basis. Whenever you are free from your job, take the time to collect cash from equipment. Also, you will have to empty the machine for cash when you want to repair the coin acceptor or the machine itself.

The frequency of cash collection will be determined by the performance of your vending machines at various locations. Planet Antares vending machines are high quality, durable machines that allow you to make great profits without too much investment. If your vending machines are in a high traffic location with lots of customers using it frequently, there will be need for collecting cash at regular intervals. However, a less popular location can be visited for cash collection after longer gaps in time.

If you have more than one vending machine at a location, it may not be easy or even safe to collect cash from them at a single day. In such a case, you can set a locked deposit box in the vending machine or get a sales outlet operator to deliver the cash. Another option is to use a night depository box.

Using a reliable vending machine like Planet Antares vending machines can really increase the potential for earning high profits. There will be smoother operations, better customer service and higher sales. So, you will need to plan your visits frequently to collect cash from such high performing equipment.

It will be better to carry a money bag to the vending locations to keep the collected cash. You must also be alert while doing this task. There may be people watching you and to avoid theft, keep changing the day of your visit to various vending locations for cash collection. Invest in sound security systems to ensure that your money doesn’t get stolen as well as protect your vending machine from damage.