Thursday, June 18, 2009


Combo vending machines are the machines which hold both soda and beverage simultaneously. Combination vending can prove to be a great start for the prospective vendors. Installation of these machines allows you to keep a variety of products and you are not stuck with just one type of snack or beverage.

Before you establish combo vending business, it will be advantageous to find who your competitors are and study them. Carry a complete research on how profitable their business is and what efforts they are putting to keep it working. Find out how many other combo vending machine businesses you have in you’re the areas you target. It will be very sensible to call a few of the other vending business and to pull out a brief idea of their business techniques.

After you are mentally prepared to start up a combo vending business, make a plan for your new combo vending business. Make a final decision of the amount to be invested initially and the tools that would be required. In order to get a hand on writing a plan easily, take assistance from Small Business Administration online.

Design a plan for the location of your vending machines. Decide where you will place these combo machines. Think of different places such as college campuses, bus stations, casinos, and hotel lobbies etc. Choosing the right location for your combo machine will give you great rewards. Make the location decision with complete precision. Contact the places you would want to leave your machines. Contact the location owner in person or over the phone and negotiate the payment with him.

Purchase or lease the combo vending machines. Planet Antares provides you the most robust and easy to maintain machines. It also helps you choose your vending route and provide support to help you exceed in your business. Make sure that the brands stocked in these machines are branded and are packaged in the same packing that it comes in from the source.

Play an active role as an operator and stay updated about the market shifts and trends and enjoy a profitable business.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Old Vending Machines Vs New Vending Machines

Vending machines makes the vending business and the success of it largely depends upon the reliability and durability of the machines. The state of art technology and designing of the Planet Antares vending machines set them apart from the rest.

While you have thought to establish a part time vending business, buying an old vending machine will look as a lucrative offer. Undoubtedly the trial can be made by placing an old vending machine. This may seem and turn out profitable but while expansion of your business, an investment in the new vending machine is a wiser decision.

It is a bright possibility that the machine that you have acquired from a first owner, is not giving you disorder chills but being an old machine, it may not be equipped with the latest techniques. It will prove to be down beat for your vending business. Your machines would not be able to survive the competition and may die early. You can acquire old machines from an operator who is about to retire from the business but make sure that before installing used machines, they are serviced accurately and made capable to be placed.

Go for the old machinery in case you want to try the market and your capability to carry on the vending business. As short time investment, buying an old machine will prove fruitful to you as it will be inexpensive and will not cost you a bomb.

In case you are already an established vendor and want to expand your business, you have to make sure that your competitors in the market are no better than you. Install machines which are latest and give your competitors nasty chills. With the growth of the vending business, technological innovations have been introduced in the manufacturing of the vending machines.

Machines come installed with software to manage the accounts and the sales. A variety of new features make the machines and the vended products a hot property in the market. In order to attract huge traffic and to build a profitable vending route, a little investment in the new machines will give no harm to the vending business. Your customers will be left satisfying if their vending experience has been excellent. An old machine can break down any moment and if it leads to the customer’s displeasure, they won’t turn back to your equipment.

Buy the machinery according to your market requirements. A wiser decision will make you a leader in the vending industry.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Track Your Vending Business

Merely establishing the business is not the job of a vending operator, until and unless he has no records of his business, he can not think of vending expansion. Initially with one or two machines, observing and managing is quite easy. But with the increase in your business opportunities, keeping a track of the vending operations would make a wise decision which will earn you huge returns and making your business organized and profitable.

Judgment on the profitability or loss of your vending business depends upon the maintaining organized accounts. A successful entrepreneur is one who has the complete record of his business transactions and is well equipped to make use of it in his benefit. Tracking your financial returns, execution of your equipment and market trends and the vending locations plays a pivotal role in the making of a booming business.

You can keep a control on your business accountability manually or electronically. Manual management would be a feasible option with your short line vending where as keeping a manual track for a long line vending will prove an imprudent decision. You can not go at all the locations and collect records. In such a case electronic management is the easiest option.

Make use of software like QuickBooks or Quicken for tracking your Planet Antares business operations. Planet Antares helps you to make use of such software and conduct a systematic operation.

The need to organize your business has to be recognized and make judicious use of the resources available. Once the operators have all the first hand information and updates about their Planet Antares business, the decision to invest more or less becomes easy.

Make the efforts and see your Planet Antares business grow into a dream project. An eye on accounts is not all that has to be made, you have to see if the locations are attracting traffic or not, satisfaction level of customers, competition in your area, price hikes or discounts in the vended products, efficient working of the equipment and many more.

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