Friday, July 31, 2009

Planet Antares mission

Since the time of Planet Antares inception in 1986, they have rigorously followed their mission to contribute in the success of their clients, employees and the vending industry. Their commitment towards achieving leadership in the vending market has helped them to attain a diligent work force and trust of customers as well as world wide business partners. Planet Antares offers an ultimate solution for your financial problems.

Planet Antares mission is based on following principles:

1. Customer and client satisfaction: Planet Antares is set to provide its clients a competitive edge in the vending industry. They have laid down a strategic importance towards customer orientation and satisfaction. An experienced and well qualified support staff ensures proper guidance of prospective vendors and strives to accomplish customer loyalty. They develop their vending services from the customer’s point of view in order to deliver excellent performance.

2. Market leadership: Vending industry continues to grow significantly. Planet Antares mission is to gain market leadership through consistent improvement in their vending technology and ideology. They specialize in meeting the market demands through quality services and offering a profitable business option for many.

3. A successful business opportunity: Planet Antares enables you to make the best of your vending business opportunity. The vending business owners enjoy the benefit of operating a business carrying a brand name. It is an all cash business and Planet Antares offers an opportunity to work part time or full time and earn additional income.

Planet Antares has successfully built a vast network of distributors and vendors and boast of their contribution in the $40 billion industry. Planet Antares vending machines are latest in technology and their unique and stylish features have helped them to gain an distinction in the vending market. In today’s vending market place where competition is ever growing, Planet Antares is a market leader. Planet Antares boasts of a pioneering team of marketing and technical leaders that provide guidance to the new and existing distributors at the every step of their vending experience making the journey easy and comfortable.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Recent Trends in Vending - Healthy Vending

Gone are the days when human beings had active daily routines. Today more than 70% of the total population lead sedentary lifestyles which causes unnecessary weight gain. Health has become an issue of concern lately. Vending machines have been notorious for vending junk food which affects the health of the consumers. Now, more and more vending customers are asking for a healthy range of snacks and drinks. People have become extremely health conscious in this fast world where they hardly get time to stay fit or exercise. They are consciously substituting the high calorie fast-food with the low fat food.

In the past, schools have been the most desired location among the vending operators. They cater to the desires of children and earn huge revenues there. A nationwide survey of vending machines conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) amongst middle and high schools finds that 75 percent of the drinks and 85 percent of the snacks sold are of poor nutritional value. Children are not encouraged to have healthy eating habits. They get swayed by the wide variety of junk provided by the vending machines. Obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled among adolescents over the last two decades.

Today, in order to encourage healthy food among children, more and more products in the vending machines have been replaced by nutritional food such as bottled water, juices, low fat snacks and nutrition bars, etc. Products are being vended that don’t compromise in taste but still provide a healthy option to children. Locations such as health clubs, schools or colleges vend organic and nutritional food through vending machines as well.

The cleanliness of the vending machine also ensures healthy food purchases. Cleaning the vending machines makes them more appealing. In order to serve the health conscious consumers, providing healthy food vending services become essential for the vending operators. The temperature inside the vending equipment should be kept according to the products stored and the manufacturers’ recommendation. This will prevent the growth of the bacteria and keep the food fresh.

Planet Antares vending operators are playing a crucial role in encouraging the well-being of the general public. Planet Antares understands that every location has its own unique needs when it comes to dietary preference and fills the healthy requests accordingly. Planet Antares promotes the health trend among individuals and offers healthy vending when placing a machine in a location

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Friday, July 03, 2009


A successful vending business depends upon the quality of services rendered by the operator and the vending manufacturer. The vending is done through the vending machines placed at different locations. The smooth operation of these vending machines is of utmost importance. The durability and reliability of the equipment is assured only by reputable and established vending companies.

An investment in the equipment manufactured by one of the best vending companies in the industry will never let you have regrets. Unfortunately, deciding on the best vending company has become bit confusing. Some of the companies sell equipment that is usually made of obsolete technology.

Locations that suffer inconvenience due to faulty and cheap machinery will not continue to use your equipment in the future. This will directly affect the sale of the product vended through your equipment. Profits in the business will decline with the decreased sales. The goodwill of the vending business also gets affected; whereas, equipment from a company which has established a reputable name in the industry will provide the best services to its customers with its state of the art technology. A trusted vending machine will attract huge traffic.

Planet Antares has adapted itself to the changing needs of the market. Planet Antares machines are up to date and provide solid services to its customers. Planet Antares guarantees the equipment, which is durable and strong-performing. The best quality raw material is used in the manufacturing of these vending machines which keeps them in good working condition for a long period of time.

The trained and experienced support system of Planet Antares keeps the operators updated with the latest technology. The unique identity of Planet Antares has also been transferred to its equipment. Reputable names such as Planet Antares carry the confidence of its operators and customers which gives it an edge over its competitors.

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