Friday, December 18, 2009

Benefits of business with Planet Antares

Planet Antares has many features to be called as the best in the vending machine industry. The biggest benefit of starting your business with Planet Antares is that it is one of the leading and the most trustworthy vending companies in US, and is also the only patent pending product manufacturer for ‘Office Deli’ which is one of a kind vending machine.

Planet Antares has an experience of more than 21 years in the vending machine manufacturing business that guides and supports you in establishing well revenue yielding vending business. This is not all; planet Antares has invented some of the best vending solutions for the market, leaving a benchmark for all its competitors.

Planet Antares has been recognized as a world-class organization with outstanding ratings from Dunn & Bradstreet. But this is not the only quality of being associated with Planet Antares because, with over $500,000,000 in equipment and services sold, Planet Antares is one of the largest and the most successful business opportunities in the United States and Canada.

With such a huge experience many distributors have benefited from Planet Antares. Planet Antares has successfully placed thousands of distributors into the vending business. Because of their outstanding pre and post-delivery customer services, Planet Antares has acquired the top position in the vending machine manufacturing arena, and has become a dependable and a trustworthy name.

Planet Antares has several times created revolution in the industry by inventing some of the best, robust and state of the art vending machines including ‘Office Deli’ which has given them a hand over their competitors. ‘Office Deli’, consisting of multiple machines is equipped with the latest technology.

Another benefit of starting your business with Planet Antares is that professionals provided by Planet Antares help, guide and support the distributors in their business giving them necessary directions time to time to do better in their business.

With pockets full of features, and benefits at every step, Planet Antares is definitely a name to reckon with in the vending machine industry, that guarantees profit in your vending business.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vending a Reliable Business Opportunity

Vending as we all know is one of the oldest business opportunities that have been in existence in the first century BC itself. However it gained prominence only in 1800’s. Initially these machines were used to vend holy water in Egyptian temples. Later as people started realising the advantages associated with these machines, they were used to vend postcards and gumballs. Thus these machines had to undergo a lot of changes before reaching their present form. Modern vending machines are used to vend almost all kinds of products.

Snack and soda are the most commonly used vending machines. These originated in 1940’s and had multi selections which accepted multiple coins. However, there were some drawbacks in these machines. They were unable to dispense change and had only limited selection options for the customers. These were completely mechanical machines and required no power supply at all. Electronic and technology improvements have gradually resulted in innovative vending machines that started accepting currency. This is how vending machines evolved.

As more and more operators were keen in using vending machines, Manufacturers continued to produce better versions of vending machines with improved efficiency and reliability. Like any other business, proper operations are the key to success in a vending business. So before you set up your business, analyze the market, look for various kinds of products, various locations, new market avenues and various types of vending machines available. All these factors influence the success of your business.

Based on financial limitations and budgetary limits set up by operators, vending operator can either purchase a new machine or go for a used machine. In either cases each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to new vending machines, they come with latest features, more efficient, low maintenance costs and warranty. However, they are little expensive.

Used machines on the other hand require tremendous repair work before it actually gets into working condition. Even though the initial cost is less, time and repair costs can become very expensive.

A little care and careful planning can make vending a very profitable business.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Importance Of Sanitation In Vending Machine

Keeping the surroundings of your vending machine clean is as important as keeping your machine clean. It is the responsibility of vending operator to ensure that once the machine is replaced, trash, empty cans, boxes and other components need to be removed immediately. The area surrounding vending machine needs to be clean and if required, operator needs to place a covered thrash receptacle. Operator has to check from time to time and identify problems such as leakages, overhead condensation, waste or sewer piping.

Whenever an operator purchases a new vending machine of a branded company, he needs to place it on a stand that is at least 6 inches above the deck. This will enable proper cleaning on all sides of the machine. Operators should see to it that the machine is free of dust and not at all sticky. The door and panel of the machine must be proper and vendors need to replace any outdated material. This prevents infection caused by foreign bodies. In case the operator has any employees working for him, he needs to provide them with adequate hand washing facilities within the vicinity of vending machine.

If an operator is dispensing food items that need to be maintained at certain temperatures, he needs to use proper refrigeration or heating units or thermostat controls. Automatic controls prevent the vending machine from dispensing items in case of a power cut or mechanical break down.

Vending machines of established brands usually come with inbuilt tight fitting and self closing covers. While choosing a vending machine, operators need to see to it that the exteriors of the vending machine are not designed in such a way that they cannot accommodate insects and rodents. Wherever there are openings, screening must be provided for proper ventilation. If the vending machine has a microwave oven, it must be cleaned once a day to prevent unwanted deposits of grease and soil on them.

Operators need to maintain proper records of vending operations which are required during inspection and servicing of the machine. Other things apart, operators need to make sure that both vending machine and the stock dispensed in it are maintained properly. Since this can lure more customers and thus increase sales of the machine.

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