Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Outdoor Locations for Vending Machines

Vendors have witnessed a new concept in outdoor machine security in the form of an enclosed kiosk with a motorized door. The outdoor snack machine and enclosed kiosk are among several innovations designed to help Antares vendors tap the largely untapped outdoor market. While the number of potential outdoor sites has not been quantified, observers agree that the vending industry has historically shied away from these locations.

As traditional indoor locations have become saturated, one can only wonder if vending companies can ignore nontraditional sites. This cannot be done since technology is addressing the problems of vandalism and poor visibility which is frequently caused by brick and mortar solutions.

Traditional vendor view: No thanks

Antares vending operators have historically installed machines in outdoor locations on a request-only basis due to concerns about vandalism and exposure to the elements. Machines that are placed outside are exposed to more vandalism and the elements. While these concerns remain valid, technological improvements give operators reasons to reconsider this view. Some operators’ attitudes after all, are based on 10-year-old experiences with outdoor machines. There are some vending operators who have been discouraged from placing machines outdoors because of vandalism.

There have been improvements in cold beverage machines, which comprise the majority of outdoor placements. Components are now coated with ultraviolet-light resistant powder, which will prevent damage to the Antares vending machines that is caused by exposure to outdoor light. In addition, coin mechanisms are now made with electronic components which automatically disconnect as soon as they come into contact with any liquid substance.

Big market: Recreational sites

Outdoor recreational sites, such as theme parks, water parks and campgrounds, have become more accepting of vending as a way to capture sales that concessions stands might miss. This is great for Antares vendors as snacks and cold drinks do quite well in these locations.

Vending machines have proven to be an effective remedy for long lines at concession stands


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